March 31, 2020

Burning Bush Family,

Daily Prayer Time

Just want to do a follow-up with everyone regarding a church wide prayer time during this pandemic.  We are asking everyone to pray at 7pm every evening.  If you watch the evening news that can be your memory trigger, or you can just set the alarm on your phone.  During this time of uncertainty, you want to pray for all aspects of this crisis but focus on God.

Palm Sunday – April 5, 2020

We will be taking the Lord’s Supper this Sunday online.  We have made the Lord’s Supper elements available for you and your family.  

  • These may be picked up at the Children’s Entrance of the church and will be in brown bags.  
  • They will be available for pickup from 2-6pm on Friday. 
  • The bags will be marked with either a “2” or “4.”  The number stands for how many elements are in the bag.  Please take only the bags that your family will need.  Please only touch the bags you are going to take.  
  • The “bread” is located on the top of cup.  Peel back the first layer to take the bread out. The juice will be under the next pull tab. 
  • If you are unable to pick-up bags you can certainly participate by using your own stuff.

Easter – April 12, 2020

Our online Easter service will begin at 10:30. Children’s service will begin at 9:45.

We are also planning an Easter Sunrise service on Easter morning at 7am.  The service will be held behind the gym.  It will be like our other Sunrise services except we are asking everyone to please stay in their vehicle.   We are still having an online Easter service see above.
Pastor Dennis